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Callforeign Calling Card

You can now make calls using our account as if you are making a call from a calling card. Sign up with us and you will receive your account details. Simply dial the local access number provided below and follow the IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This service allows you to make premium calls without the need for any hardware, software or Internet connection. Please find the list of countries where this service can be used together with local Access Numbers.

  • Our Access Number:
  • US: 718 425 3108
  • Canada: 418 7806701
  • Singapore: 6499 9094
  • UK: 0203 7341088
  • Australia
  • › Brisbane: 07 3177 6334
  • › Melbourne: 03 9999 7401
  • › Perth: 08 6555 7041
  • › Sydney: 02 9191 7497
  • New Zealand: 03 7413021


Callforeign Calling Card FAQ

  • What is Callforeign Calling Card Access Number?
  • Callforeign Calling Card Access Number is a local number in your country that you can dial into our system to make premium quality and low cost international calls.
  • How do I check for my balance?
  • Balance is played back every time you want to make call after keying in your card number.
  • What would happen if my account balance is low?
  • If your account balance is low, you will not be able to make calls. You need to top up in order to make calls.
  • When I do not get connected to destination number, how do I redial or dial new number without disconnecting my original call to Access Number?
  • There will be two conditions:
    • IVR announces 'destination unavailable, please dial your destination number'; in this case you can simply dial new number or press * to redial your last dialed number.
    • You are getting some announcement like 'mobile switched off' or 'not reachable now', you can press ## to stop announcement and get prompt to dial new destination number or redial. You can then dial new number or press * to redial. ## can be pressed to disconnect current call once you are done or you want to cancel while ringing to get prompt for new call.
  • Why does your system ask me for my Card Number when I dial the Calling Card Access Number?
  • The reason is because you are not using your registered number to dial our Calling Card Access Number. In order to register more phone numbers, please login and add more phone numbers in the "Trusted Number" menu.
  • How can I register more phone numbers on your system so that I can make call without having to key in Card Number?
  • By IVR (Recommended): To register your additional number via IVR, please dial access number, key in your card number or pin code as prompted, once card number and pin code is keyed correctly, IVR plays back your balance and you will hear "Please enter a destination number followed by pound key (#) or enter a service code followed by the pound key." Here, instead of dialing your destination number please key in 11# which will start number registration menu. Please follow IVR and key in as you need.
    1. 1# to register current (this) number.
    2. 2# to remove all register number.
    3. 3# to return to the main menu.
    By Web: Simply login to your account and go to "Trusted Number", you will be able to edit or add new phone numbers so that system can identify your account based on your calling number and does not ask you for Card Number.
  • Why does it still ask me for PIN Code?
  • Our system has double security to protect our valuable clients from Account misuse. Without PIN Code, someone using your registered number may make a call easily and charge will be made to your account.
  • How can I Change PIN CODE or Activate Pinless dialing if my phones are secured from misuse?
    • Login to using your username and password from our main page.
    • Click the Change PIN Code tab
    • Enter your current password and key in your new PIN code or leave the Enter New Pin and Verify New Pin blank for pinless dialing.
  • I do not see any access number for country of my resident?
  • Please send your request to add your resident's country access number to We will add the access number based on demand.
  • Is there a technical support where I can check with if I am facing problem with the calling card access numbers?
  • You can drop an e-mail to support at with your technical problem.

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