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Callforeign Callback Service

Enjoy the unique convenience of being able to make international calls using Callforeign account to anywhere in the world using our call back method.

Simply sign up for a Callforeign account and register your telephone number. Following registration, you are free to place your call via your phone. Our server will process your request and call you back in less than a minute, connecting you to the calling party. Call back can be trigger using the web as well by simply logging into our website and keying your numbers in Callback menu.


Callforeign Callback Service FAQ

  • What is Callforeign Callback Service?
  • Callforeign Callback service allows you as a registered user of Callforeign to make calls using your mobile phone taking advantage of incoming calls free and then allow you to make outbound calls to anywhere in the world.
  • How do I make call back calls?
  • By Web Callback: Simple login to your Callforeign account and access to the Web Callback service. You will be prompt to key in the First and Second Number. The first number can be your registered number or other number. The second number is the destination number that you wish to dial. Once you click the Callback button, wait for few seconds and the First Number will ring follow by the Second Number. Once Second Number picks up the conversation can then starts.

    By Callback Number Trigger: For Singapore users, they can simply call 64994718 to trigger the callback service. Simply dial 64994718 using the phone number you first registered with us and wait few seconds for the Callback call to be made to you. After which you can then make calls by the following dialing format:

    For international users, they may still dial +6564994718 to trigger the Callback but as certain countries' mobile operator do not deliver your registered caller ID to us, this method may not work for you. But for that mobile operator that passes your registered number to our system, our system will then be able to Callback to you. Once you receive the call, you may call the other destination by the following format:
    Country code + Area Code + Phone number

  • How do I calculate the rates for the Callback service?
  • The rate shown on our website is for one leg only. To find out the total charges for the Callback Service, you need to add the charges of the country, which you are calling from to the destination country which you are calling to.

    The cost of making a telephone call via callback consists of two parts, the caller is effectively paying for an outbound and inbound call at the same time. For example, if a customer from Spain is calling a phone number in Australia, and it costs 8 cents per minute to phone Spain from the US (the callback, which is an incoming call) and 20 cents per minute to phone Australia from the US (the destination call, which is an outgoing call), then the caller will pay a total of 28 US cents a minute. This may still be less expensive than calling directly from Spain to Australia, which is primarily why callbacks are used.

    The other point to take note about callback service is that if the outbound call is not connected, or not answered, the caller will still have to pay for the inbound call.

  • What would happen if my account balance is low?
  • If your account is low, you will not be able to make calls or receive calls. You need to top up in order to make calls.
  • How can I register more phone numbers on your system so that I can make Callback Number Trigger calling?
  • Simply login to your account and go to "Trusted Number", you may be able to add more phone numbers so that you can do Callback Number Trigger calling with that number.
  • What is the advantage of using Callback service?
  • This service will save cost for those users whose incoming calls are free. So in such instances they will pay a lower cost for the calls they made.
  • How can this service help me save cost when I am traveling or in overseas?
  • This service can help you save cost when you travel to overseas and using their local SIM card. To fulfill the cost saving feature, there are 2 conditions for this service to work properly. The incoming calls must be free and also the local mobile operator must be able to pass the Caller ID. Once these 2 conditions are met, then as a user you can simply call +6564994718 to trigger and callback and then make calls back to any destination you want at a lower cost as compared to the IDD charges that you made on your Roaming SIM.

    The second method to save cost while traveling is to use our Web Callback. Key in the local SIM number as your First Number for the Callback service. The second number would be the destination that you would like to call to and click the callback button. You will then be receiving a Callback and then our system will connect you to the Second Number.

  • Is there a technical support where I can check with if I am facing problem with Callback Service?
  • You can drop an e-mail to support at with your technical problem.

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