Callforeign PC2Phone

Making international calls are easier now. With Callforeign PC2 Phone application, you can now make premium quality calls to anywhere in the world without having to pay expensive roaming charges or IDD rates. With the simple user-friendly and hassle-free interface and feature emulates just like an ordinary phone on your PC, everyone will find it easy to use. Enjoy PREMIUM quality phone call and save money! Sign up with us now, then click on the download link and follow the instructions on your computer screen to complete the installation. Once competed, you are ready to make Premium Quality calls.


Callforeign PC2Phone FAQ

  • What is Callforeign PC2Phone?
  • PC2Phone is a PC based application that allows you to make VoIP call using your PC.
  • How can I download the PC2Phone application to my PC?
  • Sign up for a free account and visit download page to get the application.
  • How do I install the PC2Phone?
    • ♦ Sign up for a free account.
    • ♦ You will receive a welcome email and once you verify your email, we will SMS you the account, password and pin code.
    • ♦ You can just click on the download link to download the installation file to your PC.
    • ♦ Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the installation.
    • ♦ Start the Application
    • ♦ Login to your account using the login username and password provided.
    • ♦ You can start making calls by dialing:
      Country code + Area Code + Phone Number
  • Can I save my international contact list?
  • Yes you can save the contact list in your phone book. If you need to use your contacts in your phonebook to make calls, please save in this format
    Country code + Area Code + Phone number
  • How do I check for my balance?
  • Balance will be shown on top right hand corner of the PC2Phone. If you still dont see the balance, click on the balance to display the amount.
  • What would happen if my account balance is low?
  • If your account is low, you will not be able to make calls or receive calls. You need to top up in order to make calls.
  • Does the PC2Phone works on Mac?
  • At the moment it only works on Windows OS.
  • I hear very noisy background when I'm using your PC2Phone. What can I do?
  • Noisy background maybe due to the internet network provided by the service provider. You can change to wired connection if you are using the Wifi connection. If you are still facing with voice quality issue you can use our access number to make calls like a calling card by dialing access numbers
    • Our Access Number:
    • US: 718 425 3108
    • Canada: 418 7806701
    • Singapore: 6499 9094
    • UK: 0203 7341088
    • Australia
    • › Brisbane: 07 3177 6334
    • › Melbourne: 03 9999 7401
    • › Perth: 08 6555 7041
    • › Sydney: 02 9191 7497
    • New Zealand: 03 7413021
  • What are the accessories that I may need on the PC?
  • We would recommend a multimedia stereo headset with microphone.
  • Is there a technical support where I can check with if I am facing problem with PC2Phone?
  • You can drop and e-mail to support at support@callforeign.com with your technical problem.

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