Roam Saver Service

Callforeign Roam Saver Service

Callforeign Roam Saver Service

  • Roam Saver Service helps users to save up to 70% of their roaming charges when receiving incoming calls while they are abroad or traveling.
  • Our registered user can simply lease a local system number from us
  • Choose the number of days they would like to lease the number for
  • Forward their incoming calls from their mobile to the system number before boarding the plane and head for their destination.
  • Once they reached, they can simply get a local SIM in that country.
  • Go to Roam Saver tab menu by logging into your Callforeign's account and set the Forward To number to the local SIM number.

Users can now receive calls their on the local SIM which you are traveling in without the need to pay expensive charges on your roaming. And those who call you from your home country will only pay for local charges only.

Another way to use our service is by using our Mobile App. Once the Mobile App is installed in the user's smartphone, they can also receive incoming calls. User just need to forward their number to the system number and set their Callforeign's Username as the Forward To number.

Callforeign Roam Saver Service


Callforeign Roam Saver FAQ

  • What is Callforeign Roam Saver Service?
  • Callforeign Roam Saver service allows you as a registered Callforeign user to lease a local system number and then forward your incoming calls to this number. Once you reached your destination, you can either choose to receive the incoming calls on the Mobile App or to the local SIM number.
  • What are the rates for using the Roam Saver?
  • We would simply charge you for the destination rate, which you travel to. For example, if you travel from Singapore to Taiwan, and once you set the Forward To to the Taiwan Sim number, we will only charge you for the per minute rate to Taiwan.
  • Do I still incur local charges?
  • Yes you would still incur local charges on your mobile because once you forward the incoming calls to our lease number, any calls from your home country SIM to our lease number will be considered as local call.
  • Which are the countries you provide such services?
  • It is same list of countries where Calling Card are available.
    • Our Access Number:
    • US: 718 425 3108
    • Canada: 418 7806701
    • Singapore: 6499 9094
    • UK: 0203 7341088
    • Australia
    • › Brisbane: 07 3177 6334
    • › Melbourne: 03 9999 7401
    • › Perth: 08 6555 7041
    • › Sydney: 02 9191 7497
    • New Zealand: 03 7413021
    For any other countries, please kindly email to to check if its available.
  • How can I sign up for the service?
  • You need to have the credit or balance in your account in order to lease the numbers.
  • Can I request the refund for the unused remaining days for the leased numbers?
  • No you cannot request for a refund of the unused days for the leased numbers.
  • Is there a technical support where I can check with if I am facing problem with the SMS service?
  • You can drop an e-mail to support at with your technical problem.

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