Web SMS Service

Callforeign Web SMS Service

Callforeign Web SMS Service

Callforeign Web SMS provides you the best low cost SMS to your love ones when you are overseas. We have additional feature like group SMS too.

Simply sign up for a Callforeign account and once you are registered with us, just simple login to your account to start our Web SMS service.


Callforeign Web SMS service FAQ

  • What is Callforeign Web SMS Service?
  • Callforeign SMS service allows you as a registered Callforeign user to send SMS to anywhere in the world from our web portal at a fraction of what normal Mobile Operator charges.
  • Does it support Mass SMS?
  • Yes, you can key in numbers separated by coma or upload number from csv file.
  • How do I use the SMS service?
  • After signing up with us, login using the provided username and password. Click the SEND SMS from the left hand pane. Enter the destination number and message and click Send to send the message.
  • What would happen if my account balance is low?
  • If your account balance is low, you will not be able to send SMS. You need to top up in order to make send SMS.
  • How can this service help me save cost when I am traveling or in overseas?
  • This service can help you save cost when you send SMS when you are traveling or in overseas. Login to our web portal from anywhere in the world and you can start sending SMS at a very low cost as compared to the Roaming SMS that you will be paying. Instead of paying like SGD0.60 per roaming SMS, you will be paying like SGD0.06 when you are using our Web SMS service. Our MobileSip for iPhone will also allow you to send SMS using our platform.
  • Is there a technical support where I can check with if I am facing problem with the SMS service?
  • You can drop an e-mail to support at support@callforeign.com with your technical problem.

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